Friday, 13 December 2013

microcontroller training in pune

microcontroller training in pune, microcontroller 8051 training pune

We are providing training on different microcontroller including ARM , 8051, PIC, AVR, Freescale, PSoc, MSP 430.

microcontroller training will be covered by professional trainers having industry experience.
The training will cover theory sessions as well as practicals.
More focus will be on practical knowledge.

we will cover all interfacing programs from basic hardware to wires s modems.
The training will also include real time implementation of one project by students itself.

Contact : 9028786784
E-Bridge Technologies

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

ARM 7 training in pune, embedded c course in pune

    ARM 7 training in pune, embedded c course in pune, arm training course,
    The ARM 7 training will be on development boards with peripherals all 
    peripheral programming Including I/ O Ports, LCD, EEPROM, RTC, 
    RS232, ADC, DAC, 
    PWM and other essential peripherals.
    We will also cover wireless technologies like GSM Interfacing, GPS 
    Zigbee interfacing.
    The training will be backed with live project on latest ideas & concepts.
    NOTE: Free development Board will be provided to every student.
    Study material including printed Notes, Example programs, E-Books will 
    be provided.
    CALL: 9028786784
     Detailed syllabus:
    **Basics of C & Embedded C programming will be covered in the beginning.
    ARM Syllabus:
    LPC 2148 Background of ARM family of microcontrollers, Introduction to ARM7, study
     of LPC 2148 (Philips) ARM 7: Block diagram, Pin Functions, Architectural overview,
     Register set, on chip flash 
    program memory, on chip static RAM.
    Key Features(Overview) :Memory Map, Interrupt controller, Interrupt sources, Pin Connect 
    Block,Fast General Purpose I/O (GPIO), ADC, USB 2.0 device controller,  UART, I2C Bus 
    Serial I/O controller, SPI Serial I/O controller,  SSP Serial I/O controller, General purpose
     timers / Event counters, 
    Watch Dog Timer(WDT), Real Time  Clock (RTC), Pulse Width Modulator (PWM), Crystal
     oscillator, Phase Locked Loop (PLL),  Power control, VPB bus, Emulation & debugging 
    features.ARM 7 Operating modes, Register  Identifiers, Registers, Program Counter,
     accessing registers,  CPSR & SPSR registers, Flags, Exception handling, Vector Table, 
    Instruction Pipeline, Addressing modes, Instruction format, Instruction set summery,
     32-bit instructions & thumb instruction set, condition field,
     condition code summary, branch instructions, Arithmetic operations, comparisons,
     Logical operations, ARM 7 Timers, PWM, RTC, WDT, UART, I2C, SPI, ADC, DAC,
    CAN Controller, Vector Interrupt, 
    nested interrupts.
    List of Practical’s:
    Following Interfacing will be covered
    *    Interfacing of Switches
    *    Interfacing of LEDs
    *    Interfacing of Relays
    *    Interfacing of LCD
    *    Interfacing of 7 Segment Display
    *    Interfacing of ADC
    *    Interfacing of Stepper Motors
    *    Interfacing of DC Motors
    *    Interfacing of IR Sensors
    *    Interfacing of Ultrasonic Sensors
    *    Interfacing of RF Modules
    *    Interfacing of Mobile Phone using DTMF
    *    Interfacing of Real Time Clock
    *    Serial Communication
    *    Interfacing GSM module
    *    Interfacing of zigbee
    *    Interfacing of GPS module
    *    Interfacing Bluetooth module
    *    PWM Techniques
           CALL: 9028786784

    Thursday, 28 November 2013

    microcontroller classes in pune

    microcontroller classes in pune, microcontroller classes in pune 

    8051, ARM, AVR Microcontroller classes in pune 
    Training & coaching by Industry Experts with Practicals
    All Peripheral interfaces will be covered.

    E- Bridge Technologies understand that though individuals have a great urge to learn Micro-controllers, there are unique challenges to make it possible, which is primarily attributed to their availability of time. 
    Therefore keeping the productivity and career objectives in mind, we have shaped our entire curriculum into various formats ranging from a full time Microcontroller training.

    E-Bridge : 9028786784

    Friday, 27 January 2012

    Embedded Advance Training program in pune

    E- bridge Technologies offers Advance Embedded 100% JOB guarantee program for freshers. Join the program & collect your offer letter on day one.  

    E- Bridge Technologies understand that though individuals have a great urge to learn Embedded Technology, there are unique challenges to make it possible, which is primarily attributed to their availability of time. Additionally, those who come to us at times have varied intentions to do so. Therefore keeping the productivity and career objectives in mind, we have shaped our entire curriculum into various formats ranging from a full time embedded course.
    This program covers Embedded c training , Embedded system concepts,  Introduction to ARM,Comparison between 8/16/32 bit microcontroller, Design Approaches ARM’s approach towards RISC.
    Embedded system Programming Languages
    Embedded System Development Tools
    Embedded System Hardware
    Operating Systems
    Microcontrollers and Inter-process communication
    ARM Processor
    Linux and Real Time Operating System
    Call on 9028786784 for more details.
     This Embedded Training program has 100% Placement record.

    Tuesday, 25 October 2011

    Embedded training in Pune 100% Job - 9028786784

                  We are providing embedded training in pune with 100% job guarantee program in which you will get offer letter for the job on day one. this is Guaranteed placement program for freshers.for more information call on 9028786784.     

                   E-Bridge Technologies is leading training and development centre in the field of embedded technology. We are well known for our quality training program in embedded system design and development. Our comprehensive high end training program will provide in depth knowledge of latest technologies to students and convert them into expert professionals. We promise better future and carrier in the fastest growing embedded world.
                       We are giving offer letter on first day.we have highly qualified and experienced team of faculties from some of the renowned companies like Wipro, TCS, and Bajaj etc. This helps student to get in touch with real time projects, to learn the things which are actually going on in market, all faculties are highly dedicated towards their work and believe in complete satisfaction of students.
    These programs are pegged at giving in depth fundamental knowledge and exposing students to practical working environments of the industry
    Advanced Diploma in Real Time Embedded Systems
    Embedded Systems and Real-Time Programming
    Comprehensive Course on Real Time Operating Systems
    Comprehensive Course on ARM processors
    Summer Training & Internship Program
    Call: 9028786784
    Our Trainers team consists of highly experienced Domain Experts working in different multinational companies.
    At E-Bridge   Technologies all the Trainers are with years of Experience in Core Embedded Domain. Each module is assigned with a mentor who will empower and coach our students and achieve the level transformation. We also make sure that our course contents go through changes and it is fine tuned with the industry requirements.
    Call today: 9028786784
    Salient features:
    Completely placement oriented
    70% practical with real hardware exposure
    Trainers with years of industry experience
    Trainers from our Embedded Product Development Company to give you real   time experience
    Interview preparation workshops
    Courseware in sync with industry needs
    Real-time Projects

    For any Enquiry contact:
    09028786784, 08605006788
    E-Bridge Technologies, Third Floor, S.N. Towers, near Cummins College Bus Stop, Next to crown bakery, Karvenagar, Kothrud, pune-411052